Best media streaming devices for your TV in India

Best media streaming devices available for your TV in India

Media streaming devices work on a plug-n-play method. We have listed some of the best media streaming devices for your TV available in India. So that you experience the gripping content available on platforms like Netflix and Amazon in a full view screen.

With intermittent lockdowns, pandemic has taken away almost all our entertainment and theater experiences. And we have to confine ourselves inside four walls, which is necessary at the moment keep us safe by virtue of a corona kit. But still, we miss the fun and thrill we used to have, don’t we?

However, to cut the boredom and have fun, the only resort left is to watch the world through great movies and TV shows. And media streaming devices that are available in India are making it possible for us.

These days every person is consuming more entertainment than ever, thanks to boredom. And these media streaming devices available for your TV in India make you afford big entertainment in a small chip surrogating a smart TV. 

Why should you buy a media streaming device for your TV?

  1. They are cost-effective — almost on an average 1/4th of the price of a smart TV.
  2. It makes your dumb ancient age TV into a smart TV in seconds.
  3. You don’t have to wait for a movie to premiere conventional TV channels and can watch your favorite movies and shows anytime.
  4. You can always hit a pause button for your unpredictable work from home environment.  However, you can resume the show when relieved from work.
  5. The best reason to buy a media streaming device for your TV in India is to binge great content offered by great platforms.

We have listed below the 5 best and affordable media streaming devices available in India that you can plug-n-play into your TV.

best media streaming devices for your TV in India

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K - Best compact 4K Media Streaming Device

If you have a 4K TV at your home and you want to make good use of it, then Amazon’s fire TV stick 4K is the best contributing option. It offers you with a brilliant picture quality and immersive sound 4K Ultra HD, Dolby vision, and Dolby atmos standards.  However, with a tiny and handy Alexa Voice Remote to control your music to movies to TV shows just with your voice. As a part of the Amazon family’s fire stick, it does not confine to streaming services of amazon only.  Moreover, it also offers services by Netflix, Sony Liv, Disney + Hotstar, Voot, Discovery Plus, and YouTube. 

In addition, it is embedded with voice assistant Alexa that can do a lot more than just binging. With Alexa you can view live camera feeds, check cricket scores, order food, and listen to amazon music (with prime membership).


Best media streaming devices for your TV in India

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is considered a smaller version of the Fire TV stick 4K, and suits best for budget-oriented people like you.  Available for half the price of its father it doesn’t fall short in providing features. Embedded with an Alexa voice assistant in its tiny remote it lets you control your TV, stream movies, shows, and music effortlessly. Moreover, Fire Stick is capable of providing great immersive sound quality through its Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. 

And just when you think the list of features  is over, it has more to offer you. It is pre-installed with Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Netflix, Sony Liv, Disnye+Hostar, Voot and many more subscription platforms in addition to free streaming platforms like YouTube,  MX player, TVFplay, and many more.

The easy to set up feature allows you to plug the HDMI port behind your TV, turn it on, and have access to services. In addition to this, the voice remote can optimize the quality of your video streaming monitoring the usage of data without looking at the phone. In short, this can be a great deal under the best media streaming devices for your TV.


Best media streaming devices for your TV in India

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite - Budget-Oriented

Amazon Fire TV stick Lite is the grandson and son of Fire TV stick 4K and Fire TV Stick respectively. This newly launched device is a lighter version of the Amazon Fire TV stick that is slightly low at its features. To be specific, only at Dolby Atmos and single remote TV. However, all the other features if its predecessor retains. It offers you streaming applications that include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony Liv, Sun NXT, Alt Balaji, and Discovery plus (subscription applicable). 

It offers you its embedded feature of the Alexa voice assistant that you can control through the voice remote. Simply say “Alexa, Open YouTube” or “Alexa, Open Netflix” to stream your favorite videos. In addition, you can also mirror your content from your phones and laptops to your TV, thus using it as a casting device. Last but not the least, it connects to your headphones via Bluetooth so you can undisturbedly enjoy the shows you love.


Best media streaming devices for your TV in India

Mi TV Stick - Cheapest Media Streaming Device

Mi (or Xiaomi) as a brand has marked its value for products in the electronic market. And it has also entered the market of media streaming devices with Mi TV Stick. It supports all types of HD and Full HD TVs. The stick has the power to turn your old dumb TV into a Smart TV installed with Android 9.0 TV OS. With a 64-bit processor, it is capable of handling multiple applications, facilitating 5000+ apps and games.  Moreover, oit provides you an immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos 2.0 digital audio output. 

It comes with a built-in Google voice assistant for controlling all your streaming and surfing needs. Plus, it has Google Chromecast technology embedded that enables you to cast anything. Additionally, with its data saving feature you can watch 3 times more content  with data alerts.


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Best media streaming devices for your TV in India

MarQ Turbostream

MarQ, a brand by Flipkart, has made its mark in the emerging market. As every brand is jumping into OTT content streaming platforms and devices, Flipkart has also entered the market of streaming devices with its MarQ Turbostream media streaming device.
The Mali 450 GPU chipset embedded is capable of handling multiple applications at a time.  It runs an Android 9.0 operating system designed for TV coupled with Google Voice Assistant to help you with a seamless and hands-free streaming experience. 

Additionally, it has a built-in Chromecast technology that enables you to directly cast anything. This Made in India best media streaming device  supports dual-band Wi-Fi  so that you don’t miss any detailing in a video or struggle with buffering.  

Finally yet importantly, it has a pre-installed Google play store from which you can download and run multiple applications. Therefore, more flexibility for choosing applications you want in its 8 GB internal memory and 1GB RAM.


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Now that you are aware of the features and services provided by the best media streaming devices for your TV by leading brands. 

It will be great when you buy one to binge with your loved ones. Why? Because, in these tough times, you need someone to re-live the happy moments of life with a popcorn tub on your lap, and a person beside you enjoying with you. 


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