Every girl or woman likes to prepare herself when it comes to festival season. They like to buy many new traditional clothes and the matching jewellery that make themselves look outstanding.


When it comes to matters of jewellery  “EARRINGS “ play a vital role especially in festival season because they like to wear earrings which will increase their looks and also need to match with their  outfits like saree, half saree, lehengas etc especially in India.


In normal days they like to wear simple earrings like studs, small earrings which are light weighted but when it comes to festivals or for any traditional functions they like to wear large earrings either they may be lightweight or little heavy weight.


So,  I just listed out some beautiful and  gorgeous earrings sets with pearl drops.  I am sure that they can be matched with any type of traditional wear for any festivals and functions or traditional events.

Let’s check out these beautiful EARRING SETS  and increase your looks with these dazzling earrings.

Big Pearls Temple Earrings Chain Jewellery Gold Coated Multilayer Pearl Beads Alloy Jhumki Earring

are you interested in wearing jhumka earrings with ear chains for this festival season or for any special functions ? Then these are perfectly suitable for you.


These multi coloured jhumka earrings with pearl drops gives you a stunning look when you match them with any type of traditional wear. 


If you wear these earring sets in your engagement or for any functions then you will become the center of attraction in that event. 

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Kanakti Earrings with Pearl Drops

If you like to wear stylish yet traditional earrings ? then these earrings are the best option for that.


These dazzling gold coated pearl drop earrings will surely increase your beauty and captivate everyone’s heart when you wear them with lehengas or with sarees .


You can wear them in any purpose like family gatherings, festivals, functions etc., and with or without ear chains. 

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Latest Design Crystal Pearl Silver Plated Dangler Earrings Pearl Crystal Drops & Danglers

If you like to wear earrings with stones and pearl drops and they need to look simple and attractive when you wear them ? Then these earrings sets are the best option for you.

This silver plated earrings set  can be used for daily wear or for any college events , functions, family gatherings etc.They look soo simple and give you stunning looks. 

 They look classical and trendy when you match them with kurtas, skirts with tops and they will give you ethnic look when you match them with saree, lehengas etc., It means you can match them with any of your outfits.


 You can give them as gifts for your sisters, friends or for our mothers etc., for their birthdays or for any anniversary events.

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Radha Krishna Kanakti with Beads

Are you interested in wearing earring sets with art on the central part of the earrings ? Then these beautiful earrings are recommended for you.


These  multi colour gold plated  earrings  with Radha Krishna art can be matched with any traditional outfits and are perfect for any type of traditional functions or even for festivals too.


You can wear these earrings with or without ear chains. In both ways they will increase your looks and make you a special person in the particular event or function .


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AADITA Beaded Kanakti Earrings

Every girl or woman likes to make herself look beautiful in the times of festivals. And also they want to wear some of the jewellry with the image of goddess Lakshmi . If you also like to wear earrings with the goddess lakshmi image? Then these earrings sets are recommended for you.



These beautiful and eye captivative gold plated earrings are the best choice when it comes to the time of festival seasons. Because they look traditional at the same time gives you stunning looks with traditional outfits like sarees, anarkalis, lehengas etc., 

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Gold-Plated & Off-White Meenakari Peacock Shaped Drop Earrings

If you are searching for earrings that can match up with both casual clothes and traditional wears ? then these earrings sets are recommended for you.


These peacock styled gold plated pear ear drops will give you a stunning look when you wear them with sarees, anarkalis etc., it will look trendy and stylish when you wear them with jeans and tops .


We just need to care them like wipe them with soft clothes after using it or keeping away when you use water etc.,


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